Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration’ Thomas A. Edison

In-House Patent Attorney services on a temporary, hire as needed basis is a new concept in Israel.

U and IP, the pioneer of such services is the one company that can provide you with the advantages of an in-house patent attorney on a temporary basis to help focus and optimize your company’s Intellectual Property.

Law Firms specializing in intellectual property and in-house patent attorneys are the two main types of IP service available in Israel. By necessity an in-house patent attorney is several jobs rolled into one; a patent attorney, a patent administrator, a technical officer and a budget manager. A main advantage of employing in-house patent experts is that a holistic approach is adopted. The IP can be strategized and molded real time according to changing business and marketing strategies and in accordance with a fixed budget. The in-house patent attorney is an expert in the technology of the company and can objectively advise the company to maximize results. However, in view that in-house staff is expensive most companies cannot justify such a full or part time position. It is also not necessarily a viable option to use a regular patent attorney law firm for time consuming, holistic IP work specifically tailored to your company, due to the hourly cost charged by such companies.

U and IP provide you with the optimal solution, the advantages of a cost effective temporary in-house patent attorney to do the work that an in-house patent attorney does best, working hand in hand with an IP Law Firm, which can focus on the work it does best.